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China Shipbuilding & Offshore International Co.

We are honored to work with CSOC, a trusted marine sector name famous for its scientific research, manufacturing capability, and superior services in commercial shipbuilding and offshore business. QVISE and CSOC are dedicated to offering effective and expert IPS activities linked to the IPS warranty for FAC(M)s.

Integrated Logistics Support (IPS)

Unlocking its power because of our partnership with CSOC, QVISE can provide cutting-edge IPS solutions that are specifically designed to improve your vessel's maintenance and operating performance. We ensure effective logistical assistance that satisfies the highest industry standards thanks to our team of specialists and the vast expertise of CSOC.


Professional Services for International Clients

With the support of CSOC's scientific research and production capabilities, we provide effective and qualified IPS services to clients worldwide. Our IPS solutions are made to improve your operations, save downtime, and increase overall efficiency, whether you run a shipping company, an offshore corporation, or engage in international trade.

Wide Selection of Premium Mechanical and Electrical Products

QVISE gives you access to a large selection of high-quality mechanical and electrical items through its cooperation with CSOC. Our partnership guarantees that you will obtain high-quality equipment designed to match your unique requirements and backed by our committed IPS efforts.

Equipment and Technology Cooperation

You can investigate intriguing options for collaborating on equipment and technology with QVISE and CSOC by your side. With the help of our combined knowledge, we can find novel solutions, promote innovations, and guarantee the flawless integration of cutting-edge technology into your nautical operations.

Why QVISE-China Shipbuilding & Offshore International Co.Collaboration?

With QVISE and CSOC, explore an array of options in maritime excellence. Our website offers helpful information, updates, and relevant connections about our IPS operations, mechanical and electrical goods, and technological collaboration.

Join us as we forge the marine industry's future!

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