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About Us

Who We Are

QVISE offers IPS solutions and engineering services for Product Support Analysis (PSA). Our highly qualified engineers provide turnkey solutions for asset life cycle management, specializing in supportability engineering, Software Development, and project implementation. With exclusive partnerships with leading support solution providers, we provide comprehensive support solutions for the defense and manufacturing industries. Our expertise in reliability, maintainability, testability, and supportability analysis ensures maximum equipment readiness and minimal maintenance and support costs. Excellence, honesty, and innovation are the main pillars of our corporate culture. We collaborate with our customers to identify their needs and challenges because we believe in this problem-solving method. We are constantly evolving and adapting to meet the ever-changing demands of both our customers and the industry.

With years of expertise in the defense and manufacturing industries, QVISE has a proven track record of success. We are proud of our reputation and maintain it through ongoing investment in our people, processes, and technology.

Are you looking for a trusted partner for IPS solutions, engineering services, and Product Support Analysis (PSA)? Look no further than QVISE. Contact us now and learn more about our services to reach your goals and objectives.



Envisioning a future where our expertise and technology enable businesses to achieve unparalleled levels of productivity, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. By consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation, guided by our values of excellence, integrity, and client-centricity, we aim to create a world where operational challenges are met with strategic solutions that lead to lasting success and industry-wide transformation.


Empowering our clients with innovative, tailored solutions and our expertise, that enhance efficiency, reliability, and performance. Pursuing to be a partner of choice, dedicated to optimizing operations, reducing costs, and fostering growth for our clients, while inspiring a culture of continuous learning, collaboration, and technological advancement within our team.


Company CEO, who was once a dedicated Naval officer served on various naval units for 14 years, gaining extensive experience in the field. He was later appointed as the Project Manager for the ILS project of MPAC in 2004. Despite facing several hurdles due to a lack of knowledge on the subject, slow processing, and a shortage of human skills, the challenging task took around 7.5 years to complete.

As his competencies expanded, he regained his title of Project Manager for the second ILS project, FAC(M), which was completed in almost 4.5 years. His other several executed projects inspired him to establish a company that could develop an Integrated Product Support (IPS) Package in UAE.

In 2015, QVISE came into being, and they completed their first projects, Fast Attack Craft Missile 1 & 2, on time. The FAC(M)-3's Integrated Product Support (IPS) package was the subject of a contract won by QVISE in July 2017, which they finished in a record-breaking year. The business began developing the Survey Vessel's Integrated Product Support (IPS) in 2018 and trained PN staff in Dubai in IPS. In 2020, QVISE delivered the Integrated Product Support (IPS) packages for Survey Vessel and MAB.

As of now, QVISE has completed Dredger’s IPS package and the IPS package for TVP is under development. QVISE has also entered into diverse fields of business, such as providing EAGLE LSAR software to PN, shaft Torque Meter Provisioning and installation onboard ships, and offering IT solutions to the Defence Sector including NESCOM.

QVISE has also developed IPS documentation for our Saudi clients in the Defence Sector and presently working with Saudi customers on the re-engineering of processes as well as Configuration Management (CM) in the domain of System Engineering.

At QVISE, we take pride in our exceptional IPS solutions and System Engineering expertise and remain committed to providing the best services to our customers.


  • Hafiz Muhammad Qasim – Founder & CEO
  • Muhammad Masood Alam - Technology Consultant
  • Aabid Hussain – Chief Operations Officer
  • Moazzam Nawaz - Senior Manager
  • Muhammad Farhan – IPS Operation Manager