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Introducing QVISE's Pipeline Project - VIPER: Navigating Integrity

Welcome to QVISE, a place where infrastructure and innovation smoothly converge. We are pleased to present VIPER, one of our impressive pipeline projects. Through this remarkable project, QVISE, a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge solutions to the energy sector, is dedicated to modernizing pipeline integrity management.

Project Overview

VIPER is evidence of our commitment to pipeline efficiency and safety. This project, also known as "Virtual Pipeline Inspection and Integrity Enhancement," aims to revolutionize how pipelines are monitored, maintained, and secured to guarantee a steady supply of energy and environmental protection.

Due to COVID-19, this project is now in the pipeline and has been delayed.

Project’s Service

QVISE utilizes CAMS (Computer Aided Management) software as requested by the customer/End-user as an interface to document Configuration Management (CM) and attach all configuration items with MMS Package and Technical Manuals, as well as installation drawings, and Shipbuilder arrangement drawings. Furthermore, the complete Parts list of the Assemblies & subassemblies is also attached with the configuration item.

Improvement of Integrity

VIPER is a reflection of QVISE's constant dedication to increasing the safety and dependability of the energy infrastructure. It exemplifies our commitment to offering cutting-edge technologies that enable the energy sector to meet future needs.