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Maintenance & Inventory Management System (MIMS)

Computerized Maintenance Management System using Maintenance Software

QVISE has developed a specialized software solution, MIMS (Maintenance & Inventory Management System (MIMS)), to cater to the unique requirements of its customers. The software includes integrated modules for Supply Support, Configuration, Maintenance Management, Maintenance Software, Documents, Depot Management, Repair Shop Management, and FRACAS, facilitating efficient maintenance and inventory management with diagnostic and predictive concepts. Its versatile web-based application allows MIMS to be deployed in any environment with seamless integration of the Common Source Database (CSDB). MIMS utilizes an in-built artificial intelligence feature to model preventive maintenance and spare consumption patterns, reducing logistics footprint and through-life cycle costs.

Supply Support Module

QVISE's Maintenance & Inventory Management System (MIMS) (MIMS) offers a robust Supply Support Module that gives your business real-time visibility of inventory levels, stock, and demand. Such a module facilitates procurement teams in managing requisitions, purchase orders, and contracts efficiently. The maintenance management system streamlines the supply chain, ultimately reducing the costs and time required to manage inventory.

Configuration Module

QVISE's MIMS offers a Configuration Module for businesses to track the assets' and components' lifecycle. Businesses can now have insights into the configuration data, ensuring the equipment is always up-to-date with the latest configurations.

Maintenance Management Module

The Maintenance Management Module streamlines maintenance activities with its powerful features. It includes work order management, preventive maintenance, equipment history, and maintenance schedule. You can find it useful for its ability to track maintenance costs and forecast maintenance budgets.

Documents Module

The Documents Module presents you with a centralized document repository for storing, managing, and accessing maintenance and inventory management documents.


QVISE's MIMS features a Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) Module, for businesses to track equipment failure data and effectively manage it. The module features include failure data recording, analysis, and corrective actions. Get access to equipment's failure history, allowing organizations to identify the root cause of the failures and take disciplinary actions with this module.

Repair Shop Management Module

The Repair Shop Management Module streamlines repair and maintenance activities. With work order management, preventive maintenance, equipment history, and maintenance scheduling features, it records repair costs and forecasts maintenance budgets.

Depot Management Module

The Depot Management Module makes it easy for organizations to manage and track the movement of assets, equipment, and inventory between depots. It provides real-time data on depot operations, inventory levels, and stock demand.

Common Source Database Integration

QVISE's MIMS integrates with Common Source Databases (CSDB), allowing the application to access data from multiple sources. This integration enables businesses to manage maintenance and inventory activities from a single source.

Projects Completed

QVISE has a wealth of experience in designing and implementing Maintenance and Inventory Management Systems (MIMS) for various industries. Our team of experts using computerized maintenance management systems has delivered successful projects of varying scopes, including small-scale implementations and large-scale enterprise-level solutions. Our proficiency spans multiple industries, such as aviation, defense, transportation, and manufacturing.

Examples of our work in MIMS include:

  • Customized design and implementation of a MIMS solution for a top aviation company, streamlining their maintenance and inventory management processes.
  • Development of a cloud-based MIMS solution for a major defense contractor, providing real-time records of their inventory and maintenance activities across several locations.
  • Implementing a centralized MIMS solution for a transportation company which has enabled them to efficiently manage their fleet of vehicles and monitor their maintenance activities.
  • Development of a web-based MIMS solution for a manufacturing company, providing full visibility of their inventory levels and streamlining their maintenance activities.
  • Customized design and implementation of a mobile-enabled MIMS solution for a logistics company, allowing their field technicians to access real-time inventory and maintenance data while on the go.