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VAF Instrument- Cutting-Edge Marine Solutions

We are pleased to provide you with cutting-edge products that will transform the maritime sector as the exclusive agents and distributors of VAF Instruments in Pakistan. Leading comprehensive solution supplier VAF Instruments specializes in data management, environmental compliance, propulsion performance, and fuel efficiency.

We offer you a variety of cutting-edge technologies using VAF Instruments’ cutting-edge products intended to improve the effectiveness and performance of your maritime operations.

Listed below are a few of the outstanding items VAF Instruments offers:

IVY® Propulsion Performance Management

Optimize the propulsion system on your yacht with IVY® Propulsion Performance Management, a potent performance management tool that guarantees optimal effectiveness, decreased fuel use, and minimal environmental impact.

TT-Sense® Shaft Power Thrust Meter

The TT-Sense® Shaft Power Thrust Meter ensures accurate and trustworthy measurement of your vessel's shaft power and thrust, giving useful information for performance analysis and operational improvement.


T-Sense® Shaft Power Torque Meter

With the help of state-of-the-art technology in the T-Sense® Shaft Power Torque Meter, you can precisely monitor shaft power torque to improve operational effectiveness and avert possible failures.

Liquid Flowmeters

With VAF Instruments’ high-quality liquid flowmeters, you can effectively manage and monitor liquid flow rates, guaranteeing optimal use and economical operations.

ViscoSense® Viscosity® Density Meters

Utilize ViscoSense®, which offers real-time viscosity and density data for accurate decision-making, to maintain control over the quality and usage of the fuel used by your vessel.

Oilcon® Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment:

Utilize Oilcon®, a cutting-edge technology that monitors oil discharge and stops unintentional spills, to comply with environmental rules and save our seas.

Oil Batching and Blending Systems

With the help of dependable systems from VAF Instruments, you can achieve precise and effective oil batching and blending operations that ensure the proper mix for the best vessel performance.

Why QVISE-VAF Instrument Collaboration?

At QVISE, we're committed to giving you the best maritime solutions possible, supported by the recognized knowledge of VAF Instruments. Whether you manage a private boat or a business fleet, our partnership with VAF Instruments enables us to provide you with unmatched products and services in Pakistan.