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Welcome to QVISE - Your Premier Shipbuilding Partner

Do you need a trustworthy shipbuilding partner to handle your fabrication and assembly requirements? Look no farther than QVISE working with DJHC; the famous Shanghai Bestway Group's main fabrication and assembly base. QVISE is your reliable partner for shipbuilding projects of all sizes because of DJHC’s reputation for quality and competence in building different types of ships. From steel yachts to offshore ships, from bulkers to gas carriers, DJHC has the capacity to create top-quality, dependable, and long-lasting vessels that fit your exact specifications.

Fabrication and Assembly Capabilities

DJHC is proud of its state-of-the-art facilities in Jiangsu, China, which are equipped with modern machinery, tools, and a competent staff to handle a range of shipbuilding projects. With a production capability of up to 30,000 tons deadweight, DJHC can assemble and build a variety of ships, including:


DJHC has the expertise to build bulk carriers, which are used for transporting bulk cargo such as coal, iron ore, grain, and other dry bulk commodities. With a keen eye for detail and strict adherence to international standards, DJHC ensures that every bulker built is of top quality, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Box Ships

DJHC has the capabilities to fabricate and assemble box ships, also known as container ships, which are used for transporting containers loaded with goods. DJHC understands the unique requirements of container shipping and builds box ships that are efficient, reliable, and cost-effective.


Tankers are vessels used to transport liquid cargo, such as crude oil, petroleum products, chemicals, and liquefied natural gas (LNG). DJHC has a great deal of expertise building tankers. The danger of spills and accidents is reduced because of DJHC's experience in tanker building, which guarantees that the vessels are designed to the greatest safety requirements.

Gas Carriers

DJHC possesses the knowledge necessary to construct gas carriers, which are used to transport gases such as liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and others. DJHC constructs vessels that are dependable, effective, and safe for transporting gases since it is aware of the special needs of gas carriers, including severe safety precautions.

Quality Assurance and Certifications

At DJHC, ensuring quality is a primary focus. The business adheres to strict quality control processes at each stage of the fabrication and assembly process to guarantee that the steel structures and vessels are made to the highest standards.

Experienced Workforce

DJHC is proud of its talented staff, which includes seasoned engineers, naval architects, welders, fabricators, and other specialists who are authorities in their industries. To make sure that its employees have the most recent training and knowledge in shipbuilding and steel fabrication, the firm makes investments in their ongoing training and development. The skilled team at DJHC is dedicated to providing steel structures and vessels of the highest caliber, going above and beyond customer expectations.

Focus on Sustainability

DJHC is dedicated to environmental sustainability and makes efforts to reduce the environmental effect of its activities. To lessen its impact on the environment, the organization uses eco-friendly methods such as waste management, energy saving, and emission control. DJHC ensures that its steel structures and vessels are created with sustainability in mind, while complying with international rules and recommendations for environmental protection during the shipbuilding and steel fabrication processes.

Customer Centric

DJHC approaches all of its operations with a customer-centric mindset thanks to its cooperation with QVISE. The business is committed to establishing enduring relationships with its customers, comprehending their particular needs, and providing solutions that address those demands. Throughout the manufacturing and assembly process, DJHC maintains continuous communication with its clients, offering frequent updates and swiftly responding to any issues or questions. The company's track record of recurring business and referrals from happy customers reflects its dedication to customer satisfaction.

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