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Fast Attack Craft Missile 1 & 2

Enhancing Maritime Security: Pioneer Project from QVISE-ILS of FAC(M)-1&2

Welcome to QVISE, where marine excellence and innovation collide. We're excited to highlight the ILS of FAC(M)-1&2, one of our well-executed projects. With this outstanding Project, QVISE has once again proven its dedication to boosting security in our waterways as a leader in marine solutions.

QVISE engaged with CSDDC / CSOC and signed the contract for the development of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) for FAC(M)-1&2 in January 2016. The Project was completed in a record time of one year i.e., January 2017. The ILS scope was from the Design Phase through to the Construction Phase.

Project’s Service

With the Designer and Purchaser, QVISE experts facilitated the selection of equipment – best suited for achieving performance goals/mission. Accordingly, the Ship Fit Definition (SFD) document was prepared with the exact Make/Model indicating a new & identical system. After the erection of the machinery onboard, a physical audit of the equipment was conducted to verify changes and verify the Serial Number, location, and Make / Model of all equipment.
Configuration Management (CM) is divided into seven main categories, i.e., Hull structure, Propulsion, Power Generation and distribution, NAVAID and communication, Auxiliaries, Outfitting and Furnishing, and Armament. The entire ship was configured following the above categories. The standards for configuring the ship and its equipment were MIL-STD-973, MIL-HDBK-61A, and SAE EIA 649-C. As for the Configuration Identifiers (ESWBS structure) – following American Standard S9040-AA-IDX-010/SWBS Volume I & II.
LSA – an iterative process to optimize maintenance by the client's maintenance concept and support infrastructure to achieve measurable objectives. For this Project, the analysis was conducted on 35 equipment that included FMECA, RCM, MTA, and LORA based on relevant standards, and a Logistic Support Analysis Record (LSAR) for the same was provided to the customer.
We prepared 160 Equipment and System Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) in accordance with MIL-STD-15071H and MIL-DTL-24784D, while MIL-DTL-24784-4D for COTS (Commercial Off Shelf) Equipment and provided to the customer for onboard and depot maintenance of Equipment and the Ship herself.
MMS of 160 equipment was prepared per BR-1313, and required documents were prepared for Planning, Executing, and Recording Maintenance routines.
We added an inventory of around 25000 distinct parts and added various codes as per US DoD instruction / NAVSUP P-488 COSAL Handbook. Onboard ship allowance, i.e., COSAL, was calculated as per FLSIP (Fleet Logistic Support Improvement Program) 0.5 for 90 days of operation. In contrast, the three-year COSMAL allowance was also calculated per the relevant forecasting provisions. Accordingly, low and high levels of the store were also established as per the ship's usage.
Local Area Network (LAN) (wired & wireless) was also installed onboard for hooking up the craft with repair agencies, Intermediate Bases, and Supply Depots. The networking was completed in 15 days.
QVISE utilizes CAMS (Computer Aided Management) software as requested by the customer/End-user as an interface to document Configuration Management (CM) and attach all configuration items with MMS Package and Technical Manuals, as well as installation drawings, the Shipbuilder arrangement drawings. Furthermore, the complete Parts list of the Assemblies & subassemblies is also attached with the configuration item.

Building on Naval Excellence

ILS completion for Navy Fast Attack Craft FAC(M)-1&2 demonstrates QVISE's commitment to contribute towards national defence. It reflects our dedication to providing maritime forces with cutting-edge tools for naval vessels that are efficient and adaptable.

While we celebrate the triumph of Navy Fast Attack Craft FAC(M)-1&2, we look forward to contributing further to developments in naval technology. Keep up with us for the latest information on the advancements and changes influencing naval technologies in the future.