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Logistics Management Associate (LMA)

QVISE is proud to announce its collaboration with the LMA program. This is the ideal chance to develop your abilities and pave the way for interesting career options if logistics and supply chain management are your passions. Our extensive curriculum is meant to provide ambitious professionals like you the skills, resources, and insider information they need to succeed in the fast-paced logistics sector.

Our Services

Engineering consulting services for logistics and supportability are widely available from LMA. Our highly qualified experts are prepared to offer creative, custom solutions to satisfy each client's unique demands.

Our service includes the following:


Logistics Consulting

LMA specializes in logistics consultancy, providing tactical support and strategic direction to enhance supply chain management. We help companies create effective logistics procedures, improve inventory control, implement distribution plans, and boost overall logistics performance.

Supportability Engineering

Our supportability engineering services are geared to ensure that systems and equipment are developed, maintained, and efficiently supported throughout their life cycles. To solve issues like dependability, maintainability, and availability, we assist customers in analyzing, identifying, and implementing supportability needs.

Integrated Product Support (IPS)

LMA offers complete product support solutions that cover a product's lifespan. We help clients build effective supportability plans, such as provisioning, technical documentation, training, and maintenance planning, from idea creation through disposal.

Supply Chain Management

We provide clients with knowledge of supply chain management, allowing them to enhance efficiency and optimize their supply networks. Demand planning, inventory control, supplier relationship management, and logistics network optimization are all included in our supply chain solutions.

Our Associates

LMA is proud of its team of more than 60 committed employees who are dispersed around the globe. Every project benefits from the expertise and experience that these highly qualified individuals contribute. LMA employees have a variety of experiences and specialties, so we can put together the best team to handle each client's unique needs.

Who Should Benefit from QVISE-LAMA Partnership?

QVISE provides a thorough awareness of the local market and a dedication to providing top-notch consulting services as the exclusive affiliate of LMA in Pakistan throughout the South Asian area. By working together, LMA and QVISE are uniquely positioned to offer complete technical consultancy services for logistics and supportability throughout Pakistan and the South Asian area. Together, we provide a seamless fusion of international competence and local understanding to address the various customer demands in this fast-paced industry.

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Logistics Management Associate (LMA)