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Stay Ahead with Obsolescence Management (OM)

Greetings from the Learning World on Obsolescence Management (OM)!

Do you need help with the imposing problem of component obsolescence? Go towards the future with optimism! A specialized training program from QVISE locally on Obsolescence Management (OM) gives you the knowledge to combat it and maintain your projects on schedule.

What Our Obsolescence Management (OM) Training Offers:

  • Obsolescence Identification Techniques: Master the art of identifying components at risk of obsolescence to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Impact Analysis & Mitigation Strategies: Examine the effects of obsolescence and use efficient mitigation techniques.
  • Lifecycle Planning & Alternatives Evaluation: Acquire the skills to design life cycles for vulnerable components and assess viable alternatives.
  • Supply Chain Resilience: Learn how to create robust supply chains that can endure problems with obsolescence.
  • Obsolescence Management (OM) Best Practices: Research industry best practices to enhance your Obsolescence Management (OM) strategy.
  • Case Studies & Real-World Applications: Apply Obsolescence Management (OM) principles to real-world cases, enhancing your practical skills.

What We Do?

We believe in live interaction, so our audience remains indulged with us throughout the training session. Therefore we plan:

  • Demonstration, group assignments, quizzes, and short tests related to ILS modules taught
  • Welcome small group discussions on different case studies.
  • Free choice in groups to choose their leaders and produce active summaries on topics delivered.
  • Arrange hands-on training where applicable.
  • Question cards, Q & A sessions
  • Results and feedback after each session

Why Choose QVISE Obsolescence Management (OM) Training?

  • Proactive Solutions for Obsolescence: Acquire the skills necessary to address obsolescence problems head-on and protect your initiatives from unanticipated setbacks.
  • Innovative Future: Develop the skills necessary to foresee and address difficulties associated with obsolescence so that your initiatives can withstand the test of time.
  • Local Training, Global Expertise: Benefit from top-notch training that has been locally customized to meet the specific needs of your business.
  • Efficient Resource Allocation: To maximize resources and budgets, manage obsolescence risks well.
  • Holistic Learning Experience: Our comprehensive training covers everything from identification to mitigation, empowering you to handle real-world scenarios.

Are You Prepared to Future-Proof Your Projects?

Don't allow obsolete technology to stop you from moving forward. Take advantage of QVISE local training on Obsolescence Management (OM) to control the course of your project.

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Enroll Today and Face the Challenges of Obsolescence with Confidence!