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Introducing QVISE's ASD TUG IPS Project: Transforming Maritime Solutions

Welcome to QVISE, the marine industry's innovation hub! We're pleased to introduce the IPS project for ASD TUG, one of our cutting-edge initiatives. With this exceptional initiative, QVISE, a pioneer in providing cutting-edge solutions to the marine industry, has pushed the limits once more.

Project Overview

ASD TUG IPS is an innovative program that uses cutting-edge technology to redefine the norms for marine operations. The propulsion system known as the "Azimuth Stern Drive," or simply "ASD," is renowned for its extraordinary adaptability and agility. TUG stands for its principal use as a tugboat, which is essential for helping big ships dock, undock, and navigate through narrow waterways. QVISE developed the IPS package for the Tug, which has been constructed at Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works (KS&EW). This project also entails the Product Support Analysis (PSA) and its records being delivered in the form of Logistics Product Data (LPD) to the client for in-service use and management.

Our Services

QVISE utilizes CAMS (Computer Aided Management) software as requested by the customer/End-user as an interface to document Configuration Management (CM) and attach all configuration items with MMS Package and Technical Manuals, as well as installation drawings, and shipbuilder arrangement drawings. Furthermore, the complete Parts list of the Assemblies & subassemblies is also attached with the configuration item.