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Passenger Ferry

Navigating Future Waters: QVISE's Passenger Ferry IPS Project

Welcome to QVISE, a hub of innovation in maritime solutions. We're excited to introduce you to our promising endeavor: the Passenger Ferry IPS Project. While currently in the pipeline, this project holds immense potential to redefine passenger transportation across waterways.

Project Overview

The Passenger Ferry Project signifies our commitment to modernizing and enhancing the passenger ferry experience. Our vision is to develop a state-of-the-art ferry that embodies safety, efficiency, and passenger comfort, setting new standards in maritime transportation.

Project’s Service

QVISE utilizes CAMS (Computer Aided Management) software as requested by the customer/End-user as an interface to document Configuration Management (CM) and attach all configuration items with MMS Package and Technical Manuals, as well as installation drawings, and Shipbuilder arrangement drawings. Furthermore, the complete Parts list of the Assemblies & subassemblies is also attached with the configuration item.

Future Prospects

Despite the hiccup, QVISE is steadfast in its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions. We greatly anticipate starting work on the Passenger Ferry Project again and realizing our goal as the situation across the world changes.

Stay in touch with us for information about new QVISE projects and activities. We eagerly await the day when we can overcome these difficulties and influence the direction of marine transportation.

Despite the Passenger Ferry Project's difficulties, QVISE's dedication to innovation and quality has remained strong. This initiative demonstrates our commitment to developing solutions that transform marine transportation and improve passenger experience on waterways.