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Welcome to QVISE-Your Exclusive Safeway Distributor in Pakistan

QVISE is proud to announce itself as Pakistan's sole distributor of Safeway product. We are proud to work with Safeway System and Secu Scan, China's biggest X-ray baggage scanner manufacturer and provider of the most comprehensive selection of EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) security equipment. With the QVISE-Safeway partnership, we provide modern security solutions to Pakistan's companies, organizations, and public areas.

The Name of Security and Trust

Safeway is a name you can rely on regarding safety and security. Safeway System and Secu Scan, two companies with an international reputation for quality, have long been at the forefront of innovation in the security sector. We can offer cutting-edge X-Ray baggage scanners created to efficiently identify even the most well-hidden dangers thanks to our partnership with Safeway. When it comes to performance, dependability, and peace of mind, Safeway's solutions are unmatched, whether you need to safeguard vital infrastructure, commercial buildings, or public gatherings.


Unmatched Product Range

QVISE gives you access to a wide selection of X-Ray baggage scanners and EOD security equipment because it is Safeway's authorized distributor in Pakistan. We offer the ideal solution catered to your particular security requirements, ranging from tiny and compact scanners for smaller locations to high-throughput capabilities systems for large-scale operations. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and conducting ongoing research, Safeway ensures you're always one step ahead of any possible security concerns.

Exceptional Customer Service

At QVISE, we prioritize offering first-rate client service and top-notch security solutions. Our team of professionals is committed to assisting you in identifying the Safeway product that best meets your needs. Consider us with you at every step, from setup and training to continuous maintenance. Our top goal is your safety, and we're dedicated to ensuring you get the most use possible from your Safeway equipment.

Who Would Benefit From QVISE-Safeway Collaboration?

The partnership between QVISE and Safeway offers Pakistani businesses and organizations cutting-edge security solutions. Government and public sector organizations can improve airport security, security at government facilities, and security at public events as the collaboration improves security protocols across several businesses, promoting safer settings and bringing comfort to all parties involved.