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Tools For Decision Group (TFDG)

QVISE is pleased to be TFD Europe's only distributor and partner for the TFD Workbench. With the help of this effective instrument, a variety of challenges and disciplines may be addressed that are essential for accomplishing operational goals at the minimal cost. The TFD Workbench excels in a number of crucial areas, including logistic program management capabilities.

Logistic Planning, Modeling, and Cost Analysis

To assist logistic planning, modeling, and cost analysis, the TFD Workbench offers a complete set of tools, training, and services. These tools consist of:


EDCAS (Equipment Designer's Cost Analysis System)

An internationally established tool for front-end life cycle cost analysis (LCCA), level of repair analysis (LORA), and trade-off analysis.

Tempo and VMetric

These tools were created for multi-period spares optimization and steady-state spares optimization, respectively. The Life Cycle Cost of Spares is a concept for managing spares based on their expenses throughout the course of a system's life cycle, and Tempo offers the most accurate and cost-effective spares computations available.

MAAP (Monterey Activity-based Analytical Platform)

Using this tool, you can analyze and optimize multidimensional logistical resources. MAAP offers program executives accurate costs of attaining "Operation, Maintenance, Training & Transportation" by time/period and place through multi-resource optimization.

Logistic Control Process Management

The logistic control process management capabilities available in the TFD Workbench are as follows:

SCO (Support Chain Optimization)

For Supply Chain item Managers, SCO (Support Chain Optimization) is a tool that offers optimum advice. The scalable method of SCO makes use of continuously updated inputs to establish "what is where," simulation modeling to establish "what will be where," and optimization to establish "what should be where."


The Life Cycle Cost serves as the foundation for optimization in the operations and logistic planning tool SIM. Instead of needing to assume that all members of a part number population have the same (mean) age, its key benefit over previous maintenance planning systems comes from its use of Individual Part Histories (allowing serialized item tracking).

Logistic Data Management

The TFD Workbench also offers top-notch logistic data management capabilities to assist planning and control tools, such as:

TFDdV (TFD Data Vault)

This cutting-edge logistic data repository offers analytical decision assistance. TFDdV, which was first created especially for the TFD supportability workbench, has been modified for usage with 3rd party models and is compatible with almost any ERP system or other data source.

Who Should Benefit from QVISE-TFDG??

A wide range of businesses and sectors may utilize the full tool set for managing logistical programs that is provided by the TFD Workbench. The capabilities provided by the TFD Workbench can be useful to any firm that relies on supply chain management, maintenance planning, and logistics.

TFD Europe and QVISE are pleased to collaborate to provide our clients with these products. The TFD Workbench may help with logistic data management, control process management, logistic planning, modeling, and cost analysis, among other things. To find out more about how these technologies may help your company, get in touch with us right now.

Tools For Decision Group (TFDG)