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Logistics Product Data (LPD)

At QVISE, we understand the critical importance of Logistics Product Data (LPD) in optimizing supply chain operations. We have provided LPD development services to various industries for years, and we take pride in delivering exceptional results. Our LPD services cover everything from PSA process tailoring to LPD database migration, contractual requirements, and support package development.

Tailoring PSA Process Data for Enhanced Usability- GEIA-STD-0007

With the help of engineering, integrated systems, and product support managers, we provide data services to improve usability. Our product support manager along with their team are experts at customizing PSA (Product Support Analysis) process data to a particular format that meets our client's needs, ensuring maximum usability and efficiency. Our team of professionals has substantial experience in transferring data to the Logistics Product Data (LPD) database, a GEIA-STD-0007 industry standard. Since the data is in a standardized format, other systems can access and use it more conveniently. To ensure the highest level of client satisfaction, we work closely with each client to fully grasp their specific needs and customize our services accordingly.


QVISE provides comprehensive services for developing contractual requirements for LPD (Logistics Product Data (LPD)) to ensure that our clients can cost-effectively maintain their systems throughout their lifespan. We work closely with our clients to identify the minimum essential requirements for their systems and foster a source of support competition to ensure the best possible outcome in the PSA process. With our expertise in LPD development, we can help our clients streamline their operations, and logistics development, and minimize downtime, ensuring maximum efficiency and profitability.

Working with Program Managers to Ensure Consistency in Logistics Development

At QVISE, we fully appreciate the importance of consistency in delivering quality work, especially for large-scale projects. That's why we interact with Program Managers to coordinate and streamline all data requirements across functional specialties. We at QVISE, take a holistic approach to developing LPD, minimizing redundant contract deliverables, and eliminating inconsistencies. By collaborating with Program Managers, we can achieve greater efficiency and accuracy in our work, ultimately resulting in successful project outcomes. Trust us to deliver consistent and reliable results that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Building an Efficient Product Support Package (PSP)

Creating a productive Product Support Package (PSP) is essential to Integrated Product Support (IPS). A system's management and maintenance throughout its life cycle is accomplished using the PSP, a comprehensive data set, technical details, and supporting materials. The PSP must be carefully constructed to support the system's planned support concept and life cycle sustainment goals because it is essential for ensuring that the integrated system remains operational and effective.

LPD is crucial for creating a productive PSP. Using the information provided by LPD, maintenance guidelines, spare part inventories, repair manuals, training materials, and other essential support documents are created. The system's supportability is assessed and improved using the logistics support analysis metrics established using the LPD data. Support equipment requirements are also developed using this data.

Experience Seamless LPD Management and Technical Data Analysis with QVISE

Partner with QVISE today and experience seamless Logistics Product Data (LPD) management like never before. Our LPD services and technical data analysis help you optimize your supply chain operations, reduce costs, and foster a source of support competition throughout the system's life. Contact us today to discuss your LPD development requirements.

Completed Projects

QVISE has completed several Logistics Product Data (LPD) development projects, including:

  • The Defence Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Automotive Industry