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Mastering QVISE IPS Solution for Military Assault Boat

Welcome to the forefront of maritime security innovation with QVISE IPS solution for MAB. Our cutting-edge solution is meticulously designed to bolster the operational readiness of Defence Industry's security and surveillance capabilities. QVISE engaged with Techno Marine, Poland, and signed the contract for the Integrated Product Support (IPS) development of Military Assault Boats (MAB) in March 2019. This Project was completed in just over a year i.e., July 2020.

Scope of Contract

The SFD for all the equipment installed aboard was produced by QVISE specialists with the help of the Designer and Purchaser, to assist in accomplishing the performance objectives of the MAB boats. Following the installation of the machinery, QVISE carried out an onboard physical audit to confirm the equipment alterations as well as the Serial Numbers, Location, and Make / Model for each item put on each of the boats.
Hull structure, Propulsion, Power Generation and Distribution, NAVAID and Communication, Auxiliaries, Outfitting and Furnishings, and Armament are the seven core divisions of CM. According to MIL-STD-973, MIL-HDBK-61A, and SAE EIA 649-C, the boats were equipped completely as-built in accordance with the aforementioned categories. The Extended Ship Work Breakdown Structure (ESWBS) Configuration Identifiers adhered to NAVSEA S9040-AA-IDX-010/SWBS 5D Volume I & II.
We prepared 47 Equipment and System Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) in accordance with MIL-STD-15071H and MIL-DTL-24784D while MIL-DTL-24784-4D for COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) Equipment and provided to PN for onboard and depot maintenance of Equipment and the MAB boats.
In accordance with BR-1313 (Maintenance Management in Surface Ships), MMS for 47 items of equipment was created, and the required paperwork for planning, carrying out, and documenting maintenance procedures was created.
MMS of 160 equipment was prepared per BR-1313, and required documents were prepared for Planning, Executing, and Recording Maintenance routines.
The components inventory for these boats had a total of 4200 unique parts with different codes allocated in accordance with US DoD guidance and the NAVSUP P-488 COSAL Handbook. The allowance for boats, known as COSAL (Co-Ordered Shipboard Allowance List), was calculated for 90 days of nonstop use, and COSMAL (Co-Ordered Shore-based Material Allowance List), for three years, was also computed in accordance with the pertinent terms of forecasting. Low and high levels of the shop were subsequently built in accordance with the utilization of boats. Additionally, PN Dockyard received a list of all suggested workshop machinery, equipment, tools, and test benches. The cost of BMT (Basic Military Training) for the main pieces of Level 3 and Level 4 equipment and systems was also provided, with Level 4 being the highest.
QVISE utilizes CAMS (Computer Aided Management) software as requested by the customer/End-user as an interface to document Configuration Management (CM) and attach all configuration items with MMS Package and Technical Manuals, as well as installation drawings, and Shipbuilder arrangement drawings. Furthermore, the complete Parts list of the Assemblies & subassemblies is also attached with the configuration item.