The ever-rising demand from the Defense sector and local industry along with insufficient resources available, QVISE has ventured into the business of ‘Product Support Development Solutions’ in 2015. QVISE aims to maximize availability of product, platform and manufacturing plants with minimal maintenance and support cost. Our goal is to assist the Defense and manufacturing industry in fulfilling their desired objectives. We are wherewithal of all necessary technical and software supporting tools to perform these goals. Moreover, we have the support of International community and experts, working on the subject and have collaborated with leading Support Solution providers i.e. LMA (USA), TFDG Europe, Raytheon USA, Omega PS UK, and the ever expanding list goes on. QVISE provides Turnkey solutions for Asset Life Cycle Management through formulation of baseline support documents, Diagnostic & Prognostic Health Monitoring (D&PHM) technique, Reliability and different modules of PSA and data capturing to ensure optimum performance at affordable Life Cycle Support Cost.

Our Values

Integrity is our foremost priority in our company’s work environment. We develop trust amongst each other and be trusted by our clients, therefore being open and honest in all our dealings and maintaining strong moral principles at all times is paramount to everything we do.

At QVISE we ensure that the client can feel comfortable dealing with QVISE, hence at all times we ensure we are acting with integrity, providing quality service, being reliable and responsive.

At QVISE we focus on quality and focus on quality work environment so that our work speaks quality. We encourage feedback, coaching and mentoring for improving quality at all levels.

At QVISE we acknowledge that no individual can possess all knowledge, hence we work in teamwork environment to get benefit from each other strength to effectively fulfill our customer need. We respect one another’s views, making our work environment fun and enjoyable and working together to exceed the client’s expectations.

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Why Us

QVISE is the name of trust, producing high quality IPS Services. We value our customer choices by evolving with time and working on new technology.

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

We have all the required capability and tools to undertake PSA & develop IPS.

All diversified products & services are available at one platform of QVISE.

We have the collaboration with Chinese, Thai, Europeans, Dutch, British, & UAE to meet emerging customer needs.

With multiple products, QVISE is always ready to deal in diversification and bring optimal IPS solutions for our customers.

QVISE has successfully delivered multiple Integrated Product Support (Previously called Integrated Logistics Support) Projects to PN, which are being run up to total satisfaction.

We Are Specialists In

What We Do

Technical Manual Writing

We at Qvise are capable to produce all type of technical manuals as per international standard S1000D

IPS Development

QVISE offers its IPS Development services for existing projects. At QVISE, we understand what it takes to have a system with inappropriate Operational Availabilities and unscheduled breakdowns, leading to penalties in performance and outputs.

Inventory Optimization

We have world-renowned tools for Inventory Optimization & Forecasting achieved with the motto “DO MORE WITH LESS”.

The Optimization considers the need for sparing at all different levels of maintenance as per the customer’s Support Structure with a focus on ROI (Return On Investment) while delivering the Targeted Operational Availability.

Predictive Health Monitering Tool

We are in the process of developing PHM tools locally


MIMS is the QVISE home grown specialized software having following modules: Supply Support, Configuration, Maintenance Management, Documents, Depot Management, Repair Shop Management and FRACAS

Traning Needs Analysis

We conduct Training Needs Analysis to find & analyze gaps between Operators’ / Maintainers’skill / capability, Training and equipment technolgy requirement, and then propose syllabus to the customer for effective utilization of the Product / Equipment



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