Prompt maintenance of a failed system is most of the time dependent on the availability of spares (when required) at the ‘Location of Repair’ (Fixed / Mobile Maintenance Facility). QVISE has the software tool that is capable to forecasting spares requirement to deal with system maintenance efficiently with optimal logistics footprint. Our tool has the capability to take account of both – the predictable changes in hardware and the foreseeable changes in operating and support scenarios. Our tool is the first and only tool for developing ‘Optimum Spares Scales’ to meet fleet availability targets where: operational usage or fleet disposition changes over time, though fleet expansion is also considered.

It can also accommodate re-basing, re-role or run-down; equipment design changes over time due to obsolescence, modifications, upgrades, or reliability improvement programmes; and support arrangement changes over time as maintenance, repair policies, contractors, performance and prices evolve.

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