QVISE experts have the ability to tailor data resulting from the PSA process to a specific format to enhance usability by engineering and product support activities. This PSA tailored data is migrated to a database called, Industry standard, GEIA-STD-0007 and named as Logistics Product Data (LPD). Our team transforms the data into contractual requirement for LPD which is consistent with the planned support concept. This contractual requirement represents the minimum essential requirements to cost-effectively maintain the fielded system as well as foster the source of support competition throughout the life of the system. Our team also works with the Program Manager (PM), responsible for coordinating Government’s requirement for the data across program’s functional specialties to minimize redundant contract deliverables and inconsistencies. Ultimately, LPD assists the Product Support Manager (PSM) in building an efficient Product Support Package (PSP), considering all the elements of Integrated Product Support.

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