We use MIL-STD-973, MIL-HDBK-61B, and SAE-EIA649C to conduct Configuration Management along with American handbook for ESWBS as an Identifier for Configuration Item (CI) and we perform indenturing based on the Volume II of the same ESWBS Handbook. Furthermore, QVISE carries out CM using QVISE ILS CAMS (Computer Aided Management System) Software. This helps in maintaining the As Built and As Maintained configuration of the platforms. The configuration tree holds information from systems, subsystems and components even the minute details regarding keel, bottom plugs to the parts like tanks. We record any changes made to the Configuration and also keep records of changes to keep traceability intact.

We can also comply with any customer define standard as well to their specific requirement at any point in time.

Elements of Configuration Managment (CM)

CM Planning & Management

QVISE develops Configuration Management (CM) planning document that reflects efficient, appropriate application of configuration management principles and practices to the identified context and environment. The documented outcome, independent of format would normally include topics but not limited to i.e. General product definition and scope, Description of CM activities and procedures for each major CM function, Organization, roles, responsibilities, and resources, Definitions of terms, Programmatic and organizational interfaces, Deliverables, milestones, schedules, Subcontract flow down requirements. CM Planning document becomes the base line for implementing CM activities, defining roles and responsibilities of the team involved etc.

Configuration Identification

We gather the information to address the composition of configuration information, documents, products and unit or group of units of a product which are uniquely identified (identifiers). We also build relationships to be maintained in product structures, elements of the configuration and also verify changes in CM and release the new configuration documents for consistency. We deduce results from configuration identification function i.e. traceable configurations realized, organized composition of the product defined, documented and baselined product configurations, managed interfaces between products to have consistency between a product and the information about the product over the product’s entire life cycle.

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Configuration Change Management

Our experts monitor and manage changes in configuration form the initiation to the final approval and implementation in order to maintain consistency of product definition and information. The purpose is to ensure ‘Maintenance of Traceability’ - for the life of the product, consistency of product & product configuration information, documentation of changes & variances, recording of approved changes that offer significant benefit etc.

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Configuration Status Accounting (CSA)

Our team of experts record and report information needed to trace and manage a configuration effectively and provide information and process status, as well as CM process performance data. The purpose is to capture, record, retrieve and report status and performance information about the product under configuration management and make the information accessible to support program/project activities as needed. Metrics and key performance indicators derived from CSA information can be used to evaluate and improve CM process effectiveness and efficiency for the benefit of the Enterprise. On the other hand, failure to put appropriate status and performance measurements in place will result in inconsistent CM process execution, which places both the product and the enterprise at risk.

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Configuration Verification & Audit

Our team consisting of experts of various domains conduct configuration verification and audit activity to establish & ensure appropriate CM processes are in place and that they are effectively operating to maintain consistency between the product and its product configuration information throughout the product life cycle, the physical, functional, and interface requirements, defined in the approved product definition information, are achieved by the product. Some of the activities conducted by QVISE within Configuration verification and audit include:
• Continuous CM process verification.
• Verification of the initial product configuration to assure that it meets its documented configuration requirements.
• Verification of the incorporation of approved changes.
• Functional and Physical Configuration Audits or their equivalent.