QVISE is the exclusive partner and distributor of TFD Europe’s TFD Workbench. This TFD supportability workbench addresses a wide range of issues and disciplines crucial to achieving operational objectives at the lowest cost.

• Logistic program management tools

     - Logistic Planning, modeling and cost analysis – tools, training, services

            • EDCAS (Equipment Designer’s Cost Analysis System) is a tool recognized worldwide for Front-End Trade-Off Analysis, Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) and Front-End Life Cycle Costs Analysis (LCCA).

            • Tempo and VMetric are the tools for Multi-period and steady-state spares optimization, respectively. Tempo provides the most cost-effective and reliable spares calculations available and introduces the concept of managing spares based on their costs over a system’s life cycle (the Life Cycle Cost of Spares).

            • MAAP (Monterey Activity-based Analytical Platform) – Multi-dimensional logistic resource analysis with optimization. With multi-resource optimization, MAAP provides program executives reliable costs of achieving ‘Operation, Maintenance, Training & Transportation’, by time / period and location.

     – Logistic Control process management

            • SCO (Support Chain Optimization) – Optimized guidance for Supply Chain item Managers. The scalable approach of SCO utilizes the constantly updated inputs to determine ‘what is where,’ simulation modeling to determine ‘what will be where,’ and optimization to determine ‘what should be where.’

            • SIM – Aero-engine logistic and operational planning. An Operations and Logistic Planning tool that uses Life Cycle Cost as the basis for optimization. Its main advantage over other maintenance planning approaches – is being derived from its use of Individual Part Histories (enabling serialized item tracking), rather than having to assume that all members of a part number population have the same (mean) age

     - Logistic Data Management – supports both planning and control tools

            • TFDdV (TFD Data Vault) – Advanced logistic data repository for analytical decision support. A Logistic data repository, originally designed specifically for TFD supportability workbench, has been adapted for use with 3rd party models and can be linked to virtually any ERP system or other data source.

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