QVISE is the exclusive distributor for EAGLE suite in Asian region. EAGLE LSAR (Enhanced Automated Graphical Logistics Environment) is the Logistic Support Analysis (PSA) project management platform that supports Logistic Support Analysis Records (LPD) and conforms to MIL-STD-1388-2B, DEF-STAN-00-60, GEIA-0007 and ASD S3000L. Moreover, this software is capable of reporting those records in the standard compatible with TAHB0007-1 – Logistics Product Data Reports Handbook.

The EAGLE Web, a web-based application, Provides On-Line access to all LSAR data. While, the EAGLE EPS (EAGLE Publication System) module supports technical Documentation production and conforms to the ASD S1000D and MIL-STD-40051 published specifications for electronic manuals.

ASENT (Advanced Specialty Engineering Networked Toolkit) a fully integrated Reliability, Maintainability, and Testability Toolkit with pioneering work in Physics of Failure (PoF) based Analysis.

The EAGLE MMIS (Maintenance Management Information System) module supports Maintenance Management and Performance based logistics (PBL). It extends beyond just the simple inventory tracking by infusing inventory management with other disciplines of IPS and PSA.

In short, EAGLE can support a complete supportability analysis process that effectively integrates data and generate various Analysis Reports and Technical Manuals.

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