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QVISE over the years have aced the field of Technical Authoring and for this purpose, we have understood the needs and requirement of the ASD S1000D & MIL-DTL-24784D Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETMs) along with the Business Rule Exchange (BREX), from time to time. This has motivated us to go for the development of the Manual Master. QVISE’s very own desktop based software tool for developing, authoring and reviewing IETMs. The Manual Master conforms to both the IETMs standard and in addition conforms to MIL-DTL-24784/23 for IPB (Illustrated Parts Breakdown / Catalogue).

The software provides the user with some of the most critical features such as:

1. Automatic Version Control for effective Configuration Management
2. User Administration with secure credentials
3. Intuitive IPC / IPB builder
4. Centralized Database (CSDB)
5. Maintenance Management System (MMS) Design
6. Document Review

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