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Quality Vertex Integrated System Engineering Pvt, Ltd. is the first company in Asia that has complete wherewithal to provide Asset Management / Life Cycle Support solutions. With the support of International Experts working on the subject and collaboration with leading support solution providing companies i.e. LMA (USA), TFD Europe, Raytheon USA, Omega PS UK, Relyence USA etc. We are the exclusive distributor of the ASLD and Relyence software in Pakistan and have exclusive Business partnership with Raytheon, TFD and James V. Jones (LMA’s President and Principal Consultant) in the Asian Region. With these supportability softwares in Pakistan, we provide specialization in supportability engineering, software development, sales, technology Support, project implementation and Consultation.

QVISE has ventured into the business of Product Support Development Solutions in 2015 & aims to maximize Availability of product, platform and manufacturing plants with minimal maintenance and support cost. We aim to assist the defense and manufacturing industry in fulfilling their objectives with minimal logistics footprint. We have all necessary technical and software supporting tools to perform these goals.

Our company has a group of highly qualified Engineers and IT Programmers enriched with different engineering disciplines and project implementation skills. Providing tremendous technical support and services to all customers is our benchmark. We have conducted significant & successful projects, training & consultation in the military & commercial industry including aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, weapons, etc., providing a complete set of comprehensive support solutions for many divisions.

QVISE provides Turnkey solutions for asset Life Cycle Management through formulation of baseline support documents, Diagnostic & Prognostic Health Monitoring (D&PHM) technique and different modules of PSA and data capturing to ensure optimum performance at affordable Life Cycle Support Cost. We provide services in Reliability, Maintainability, Testability & Supportability Analysis and in the development of Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs). We help customers by offering our consultancy and services in increased performance and guarantee quality all the way to In-Service phase of equipment. We improve the equipment readiness by maximizing the effectiveness of the equipment system. Our clients’ base ranges from various military groups, including sea, land, and air.

With experienced employees, QVISE has always provided customers with high-quality technical and consulting services. Our staff includes R&D, sales, service and administration. With the view of "guaranteed profession and professional guarantee", we are determined to provide essential agreeable services such as software sales, professional training, project implementation, supportability analysis and technical consultation to Defense, industrial and commercial customers.

The company provides 24/7 services to customers. We are readily available to answer all the customers’ queries. Meanwhile, company's technical staff keeps a regular check on customers’ free technical exchanges and provide customers with extensive preferential technical support. "QVISE strives for self-improvement" - all employees of QVISE wholeheartedly provide a full range of services for the majority of Defense industry users, and promote the Military industry support technology to a higher level.

Mission Statement

Expand business globally by maintaining ever-changing customers’ expectations and accommodating their dynamic requirements. We are committed to providing:

  • Integrated Product Support (IPS) solution for all types of industries (i.e. air, land & sea)
  • Best IT solution as per clients' requirement
  • Responsive supply chain for defense material
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Key Personnel

Hafiz Muhammad Qasim

Founder & CEO

Iqra Johim

CFO & IPS Manager

Shujaat Abdi

IT Manager

Muhammad Farhan Iqbal

IPS Operations Manager