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Team consisting of Pakistani Engineers & skilled personel are involved having the support of Chinese engineers to undertake ship repair services at a competitive cost. The services include:

01. Grit Sweeping / Grit Blasting / Jet washing & Painting.

02. Scaffolding Staging arrangements.

03. Hand Scrubbing / Removal of Grass Barnacles from Hull bottom.

04. Sea Chest & Gratings – Scrapped, Cleaned and Grit Blasting & Painting.

05. Cleaning, Surface Preparation and Painting of Machinery Bilge Spaces.

06. Cleaning & Painting of Fresh water tanks, Sea water Ballast tanks, Lube oil tanks & Diesel tanks.

07. Cleaning & Painting of Void spaces, Cofferdams & Chain Lockers.

08. Chipping / scrapping of decks and ship’s sides above boot top to Weather deck.

09. Removal of glass wool lagging.

10. Repair / Overhauling of Valves.

11. Steel Renewals.

12. Top & Major Overhauling of Main Engines, Turbocharger, Generator, GS & Fire Pumps, Motors, Gearboxes through Local expertise & OEM .

13. Repair of Propulsion system through Local expertise & OEM.

14. Repairing of Windlass.

15. Ultrasonic thickness gauging.

16. Replacement of Echo Sounder, GPS & other Navigation Equipment.

17. Repairing / Refurbishing of Miscellaneous Electrical Panel & Equipment.

18. Repairing / Refurbishing of Miscellaneous Mechanical components.

19. Services of Main Engine & Generator – Box Coolers.

20. Replacement of Air Conditioning Units.

21. Overhauling of Air Compressors.

22. Repairing / Refurbishing of Spuds.

23. Repairing of Chutes.

24. Hydraulic Sliding System.

25. Hydraulic Rams.

26. Pneumatic System.

27. Repairing of Ladders.

28. Pulley & Deck Cranes.

29. Rubber Fenders.

30. Hopper Door Seals.

31. Floor / Vinyl Tiling.

32. Refurbishing of Bathrooms / Sewerage System

33. Rudder / Steering System.

34. Jet water piping & Dredge Piping.

35. Overhauling of Jet water Pumps & Dredge Pumps

36. HRP Thrusters.